The Law Office of Brady Skinner is a Baton Rouge-based boutique criminal defense & personal injury law firm with statewide and national presence. We pride ourselves on limiting our practice areas, having a diverse clientele, and keeping a small caseload helping us best provide the service our clients need.

My firm provides sophisticated and highly skilled representation to every case. Our practice involves defending those involved in state and federal criminal matters, pursuing justice from insurance companies when a person is injured, whether in an 18-wheeler accident or a grocery store slip-and-fall, and on rare occasions representing a parent in family court.

“My law firm was founded to help people just like you.”

Having represented a number of different clients through many situations, I understand and appreciate how difficult things are when an attorney is necessary. We don’t take any B.S. and you shouldn’t either. When you find yourself facing years of incarceration, being low-balled by the insurance company, or unable to reconcile your differences with a loved and see your children, don’t take the B.S. Call “The No B.S. Attorney” a real attorney for real people.