Injured While On The Job? My Firm Can Help.

If you were injured while working and have to miss work as a result, let a Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney take a look at your case. It is imperative you speak with an attorney that knows workers’ compensation law.

You Choose Your Doctor

First, focus on your health, as you have the right to choose what doctor you see, and next, talk to an attorney who can help you dealing with your job so you can continue to pay your bills if you have to miss work for an extended period of time.

Get What You Deserve

Experiencing a serious injury due to a work-related accident can stop your health in its tracks. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and any other harm that may cause a disability are tough for both the injured and their loved ones. You may need rides to doctor appointments, costly medicines, therapy and financial help due to loss of income. My firm can handle your case, from seeking a settlement and and going to trial. We strive for your employer to cover, hospital and other medical provider costs, lost income while you are recovering, permanent bodily damage benefits, and more.

If a relative dies as a result of a work injury, you may be able to be compensated for benefits, wages & funeral expenses.

The type of compensation an injured worker may receive can depend on many factors, including the type of injury sustained, how long they were out of work and the type of workers’ comp insurance the employer has.

Three Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits:

  1. Medical benefits: This covers doctor visits, prescription medications, lab tests, and other medical treatment that is necessary and reasonable.
  2. Disability compensations: This benefit depends on the injury. A person who suffers from temporary partial disability or temporary total disability will likely receive benefits for less time than a person who suffers from a permanent disability.
  3. Rehabilitation services: This benefit helps a worker find a new career if they are unable to continue working, as a result of their work injury.

Contact My Firm, Before You Sign Anything

Before you agree to anything, contact my office first. If you or someone you love need a Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney experienced in handling cases, please contact my firm as soon as you can. I will give you knowledgeable legal advice that you can depend on, and if I take your case, you can rest assured I will do all that I can to enforce the rights you deserve.


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