Divorces can be simple, but that doesn’t mean the process will be fast or easy.  While many divorces settle before reaching trial, having an experienced attorney with you through the process can help bring comfort throughout the process.  Don’t lose yourself in the process.  The divorce doesn’t define the relationship or the people.

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In Louisiana, married persons without children from the marriage wishing to file a no-fault divorce must prove that they have lived separate and apart for a continuous period of six months.  Alternatively, married persons with children from the marriage often have to prove the separation period lasts for one year.  There are exceptions to these waiting periods due to abuse, adultery, among other reasons for a fault divorce.  No-fault divorce is more straightforward than other divorce options, but if you can’t meet the separation requirements, or your spouse caused your marriage to end, you can file for a fault divorce.

When coming to consult with an attorney for a divorce, please bring the following information:

  1. your wedding date and separation date
  2. whether there are minor children of the marriage
  3. whether there is separate or marital property
  4. your legal reason for the divorce, and
  5. whether you expect to receive or pay any spousal support (alimony)

“Consult an Attorney to Go Over Your Options!”

Once a divorce is filed, there can be a hearing in front of a hearing officer (a person who has the power to issue a temporary order).  Plenty of temporary orders include requests for the parties to maintain the status quo of the marriage, meaning the spouse who regularly pays bills shall continue to meet those obligations during the waiting period.  Also, custody of minor children can be a factor.  While, the courts take divorces with children very seriously, it’s best for parents to work out a custody agreement on their own, if possible.  If not, a temporary order can be issued pending the finality of the divorce.

Before you file and agree to anything, contact me first.

If you or someone you love need a lawyer experienced in handling a divorce, contested or uncontested, please contact my firm as soon as you can. I will give you knowledgeable legal advice that you can depend on, and if I take your case, you can rest assured I will do all that I can to enforce the rights you deserve.



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