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While our clients’ concerns are paramount, the best interests of the children, is the governing rule in family custody cases, and we agree. And when a divorce is included, we make sure our clients know their rights so they don’t have to stay in a marriage where they cannot be themselves. My firm is dedicated and has the experience you need to protect your rights. For years, we have gained knowledge and insight in these matters. We are fully equipped to see Louisiana residents successfully through divorce, child custody and support matters.

When parents reside or wish to reside in different states, or even different parishes, child custody can become very highly contested. If a parent takes your child to another state with intentions on remaining there, without permission from the court, it may be necessary to object to the child’s change of residence and apply for temporary emergency custody. Our experience with child custody implores our team to find the best strategy to meet your goals and for relocation or reunification with your child.

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“Your rights are important, no matter how long you and your spouse were married. And, every your parental rights matter. The court favors joint and shared custody, and we aim for just that.”

-Brady Skinner III

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